699: It’s Raining Tea

699: It's Raining Tea

teabags, wax, acrylic sheets, fishing line, PVA glue
presented on rotary washing line

An installation based on rainfall statistics for England & Wales 2005.
The idea of mingling two British Institutions, ‘drinking tea’ and ‘talking about the weather’ was the starting point for this project. Ann’s aim was to make a 3D bar chart using teabags as a unit for measuring rainfall. She constructed 12 square transparent plastic columns based on discarded roller blind packaging, one for each month of the year.
The size of each column was established by the amount of rainfall which fell in a given month, rounded up or down to nearest 10 mls.
If 1 teabag = 10mls of rainfall, a column of 5 teabags high would represent 50 mls of rain falling in 1 month. As each column has 4 sides 20 tea bags were required in this example.
The teabags were reinforced by ‘brewing’ them in hot liquid wax which gave the overall structure of the installation a translucent ‘wet’ appearance.
The installation was originally exhibited in the City Lit Fine Art Show 2006. All 12 columns were suspended by fish wire giving the impression that perhaps it really was ‘Raining Tea’.